I do things with Unity3D.

Easy Color Picker

My Unity asset store package “Easy Color Picker” is now published! It is a Unity scripting GUI color picker.
Asset store link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/137749

- easy drag and drop
- no extra dependency
- pick colors from 4 color spaces:
- provide convenient classes for color conversions, including:
- RGB <=> HSV
- RGB <=> Lab
- RGB <=> Hex
- RGB <=> CMYK

Tree Diagram And Tree List

My first Unity asset store package “Tree Diagram And Tree List” is now published! It is a Unity scripting GUI package used to represent hierarchical data in tree diagram view or tree list view.
Here is the asset store link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/135834

- Get tree diagram view and tree list view in one package
- easy node customization
- easy tree content manipulation
- show nodes with extra node status text
- support infinite tree depth
- support single/multiple item(s) selection

Smart Office Living Lab

This is a live commercial project for a smart office solution. The application is used to control the smart office light system, blind system, proximity sensor system, service robot system. It’s capable of integrating new systems in the future.

Color Conversion

While I was doing research for my color picker, I found these very useful websites for color conversion reference: http://www.brucelindbloom.com/ http://colorizer.org/ Here are my classes to do color conversion for standart Unity Color class. RGB ↔ HSV 1public class ColorHSV 2{ 3 public float h, s, v, alpha; 4 5 public ColorHSV() 6 { 7 8 } 9 10 public ColorHSV(float h, float s, float v) 11 { 12 this. [Read More]

Color Picker

I made a color picker which follows Photoshop style.

Tree view UI package

Recently developed a quick tree view module for my other projects. Base on the same basic data structure, extend it to a tree diagram module.

Healthcare System

This is a project for a hospital management system.

Port Management

This is a project for a port. This project integrates utility management system, tenancy management system, CCTV system and vessels management system.

Smart Office (Demo)

This is a demo project for demostrating a smart office solution.